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Terms and conditions

  1. All registrations must be made online. 
  2. You can choose between a recurring payment subscription or a prepaid course license for a defined time period.
  3. Any coupon must be made at the time of registration. For recurring payment subscription licence, adding a coupon will apply to future charges only.
  4. Only one coupon or discount can be applied per registration.
  5. We reserve the right to use debt collection agents if the course fee is not paid by the due date after reminders have been sent.
  6. In case of late payment, a late fee shall apply, together with any late payment interest, calculated at 9.50% per year.


Cancellation, pauses and refunds

Terms for recurring subscriptions

  1. The license period is renewed automatically if the product is listed as a subscription or membership. A renewal payment confirmation will be sent after each renewal.
  2. A subscription cancellation will not take effect for previous renewals, only the future ones.
  3. You will be notified 14 days before the pause is ending about the reactivation and upcoming charges. It is your responsibility to act appropriately to avoid further charges. Unwanted renewal charges occuring due to lack of appropriate actions from the customer are not refundable.
  4. When cancelling, you will keep full access to your course subscription until and including the last date in your license period.

Terms for prepaid course licenses

  1. When registering via the website, you have a 14-day open purchase.
  2. You can cancel your registration on your account page within 14 days and receive a full refund minus the charge for the active license period leading up to cancellation, if applicable.
  3. After the initial 14 days, the registration cannot be cancelled, except in case of documented illness, or a serious and unforeseen event (force majeure), which makes it impossible to start or finish the course.


Terms of course participation

  1. Age limit for attending our language programs is 16 years. Participants under 16 years may still attend private lessons.
  2. An «hour» or «lesson» is 45 minutes instructor-led class. Breaks are included in the lesson, unless stated otherwise.
  3. If the number of participants in the group is too small, the participants can be transferred to a similar group. Such change might imply a change of class schedule. Participants will be notified about the change in advance, and will have a choice whether they would like to continue or not.
  4. Course participants must at all times familiarise themselves and comply with the instructions and information handed out, sent by email, or otherwise made public.
  5. Your attendance in a class will be updated by the teacher within 2 business days. Any requests regarding missing attendance must be made after two business days.
  6. The access to the course is personal. It is strictly forbidden to share access with others. In case of abuse or suspected abuse, the licence and access can be suspended without notice.


Private lessons

  1. Private lessons are defined as courses with one or two participants.
  2. Private lessons must be paid in full before the classes can commence.
  3. Booked lessons must be completed within 12 months from the order date. Expired lessons are not refundable.
  4. Expired lessons can be reactivated if the customer places a new order for additional lessons. The new order must have the same or higher number of lessons than the expired lessons.
  5. Cancellation of a scheduled lesson must be made no later than the last business day before the day of instruction, and a minimum of 24 hours beforehand. In case of cancellation after this deadline, or if the participant fails to attend the lesson, the lesson(s) will be considered as completed and will be charged/debited accordingly.
  6. Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be submitted to the teacher for the relevant class.
  7. The paid course fees may only be refunded to course participants if the course is cancelled for reasons for which Lingu can be held responsible for.


Language tests

These terms apply to purchase and delivery of language tests from Lingu.

  1. You will receive a unique access code that lets you initiate the test once. 
  2. Once the access code has been used to initiate the test, the service is considered delivered.
  3. The access code is personal and cannot be shared with others.
  4. You must initiate the test within 30 days after receiving the test access code. Unused access codes are not refundable.
  5. Automated tests can only analyze and evaluate receptive language skills such as comprehension and grammar. Automated tests cannot be appealed, however you can request a new set of access codes to retake the test.


Proctored tests

  1. To evaluate the language skills, the test must be answered appropriately with sufficient texts and audio. Insufficient answers might result in nullified tests. If your test is nullified, you can request to retake the test once. 
  2. You have the right to appeal your test results from proctored tests and request a second review by another proctor, or request a new test.