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Single Player Norwegian

Study on your own,
but never alone

What's included in Single Player Program?

Game-based self-study materials

Learn anywhere, anytime

Teacher feedback on your essays and audio assignments

Fun learner community with discussions and challenges

As a member of the Single Player program, you will study independently online, using Lingu’s very exciting and innovative language-learning technology based on games. You will also join a community of other independent learners during the study program, so you will not be alone. You will submit essays and audio recordings to your teacher, who will give you feedback on your learning progress.


NOK 790

/ month

6 months ・ NOK 4500

NOK 750

/ month

12 months ・ NOK 8500

NOK 708

/ month

500 nok

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How does it work?

Gamified e-learning

Lingu’s new, exciting and innovative language learning technology is based on games. Our self-study platform is a place where you will gradually receive pieces of new knowledge, then practice the new skill in game-like tasks, and finally pass a short test to see if you achieved the learning objective.

The process is: Learn – Play – Check

Learn something new - Play games until you get the knowledge memorized - Check if you actually achieved the goal

Feedback on your essays and audio recordings

You are surely familiar with the feeling, when you attempt to say or write something in Norwegian, but you don’t really know if you’re doing it right. As a Single Player member, you will easily solve this problem by submitting the audio recording or text to a teacher, and getting feedback on what you are already doing right, and what you should still improve. Our teachers will be there to guide you and support you towards your goal of becoming fluent in Norwegian.

Community challenges and discussions

As a Single Player, you will be invited to join Lingu’s online community of other Single Players, and independent learners. The community is a place where you will connect, contribute and share. Your teacher will also be there to post weekly challenges and answer general questions about Norwegian learning, as well as, to celebrate your progress.

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Permanent residence

The Single Player program is designed for self-paced and self-study-based learning, and is not valid for permanent residency purposes. It will also not be able to be combined with other courses for this purpose in the future either.

For purpose of collecting learning time for permanent residency in Norway, please choose one of the below learning programs, which will be suitable for you for the permanent residency purpose:

Simply Online





Really appreciate Lingu, it gives me freedom to chose the best time to suit my working and life balance. Really happy with the way I am making progress.

Mohd Abualtaher


Good Norwegian course! Well-structured presentation of the course. Easy and practical teaching platform to use. Helping to learn a new language.

Franciane Póvoa


I have had very good experience with Lingu. As an online user for their courses, they have a very streamlined process. And they are continuously improving themselves;

Gaurav Tomar


Thank you for a very good course. I enjoyed it very much and will most likely return soon. I like the flexibility of the course and the style of the teachers.

Muhammed Musa Dabo


Frequently asked questions

You should choose our Single Player course if you like to study using games and the newest learning technology, but without joining any live lectures or classes. This program will allow maximum flexibility and will make your learning path fully dependent on your own will and pace. Simply pick up where you left on! You will study on your own, but you won't be alone! We will welcome you to our Single Player community where you will be able to get in touch with a guiding teacher as well as your fellow Single Players studying at the time! It is great fun to be a Single Player with us!

The Single Player program is designed for self-paced and self-study-based learning and is not valid for permanent residency purposes. It will also not be able to be combined with other courses for this purpose in the future either. If you are interested in collecting your official study time, please choose our Simply Online or Fast Track Online course.

All the Single player learning materials will be available online, so no need to buy any books.