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Use our self-study material all around the clock, and and our drop-in live classes whenever you choose. Suitable for you, if you have a busy schedule, are unable to commit to a regular times, but still appreciate live classes and teacher's guidance.

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Drop-in classes

Simply Online Norwegian course offers a convenient schedule of live instructor-led classes. You can join which ever class you like, and choose between morning and evening, and weekends too.

Live online classes

You can participate in classes on your computer or your mobile device as long as you have reserved a seat for this class. We use both Zoom and Adobe Connect.


Lingu is accredited by The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. You will get a course certificate, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway.

Program instructors

Milan Tosic

Program manager & teacher

Milan's classes are interactive and student-centered. Milan has a master's degree in multicultural pedagogy and Norwegian as a second language from the University of Oslo, master's degree with major in English language and further education in digital skills and virtual teaching, besides 14 years' pedagogical and teaching experience. Milan's main goal is enjoyable and successful learning. Join his course og snakk norsk :)

Kari Hennum

Norwegian teacher

Kari is a speech therapist with a master’s degree in Special Needs Education. She has been working as a lecturer at Oslo University College and she has been teaching Norwegian as a second language at the University of Oslo. As a speech therapist, she has a huge amount of experience in teaching Norwegian pronunciation. She feels privileged to meet people from all over the world and creates a great atmosphere in class, making it fun to learn!

Nancy Øvrehus

Norwegian teacher

Nancy is a Norwegian teacher, who has gotten her Master's degree and her pedagogy degree from the University of Stavanger. She has been teaching for over 15 years and especially likes the challenge of teaching online. She is an energetic and warm teacher that takes a genuine interest in her students. She is especially focused on breaking through students' shyness in class and motivating them to learn as much as possible. In her free time, Nancy loves to travel and to read. She also enjoys staying active, and usually goes for a run every morning.

Elise Hardie

Norwegian teacher

Elise is a teacher who believes that learning a new language is one of the most meaningful things that you can spend your time on. Her philosophy is that learning is an interactive journey, and she always tries to engage her students as much as possible. She loves grammar (almost as much as she loves gardening) and she tries to convey this enthusiasm to her students. In addition to Nordic Studies and a Postgraduate diploma in Education, Elise also holds a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin. At Lingu she teaches Norwegian as a foreign language, and creates content for language classes.




excellent learning program , i really enjoy it and i feel that i am learning a lot

Mohd Abualtaher


Really appreciate Lingu, it gives me freedom to chose the best time to suit my working and life balance. Also when there is something you are not confident, you can try another time and build your knowledge where needed. Really happy with the way I am making progress.

Jonas Tavares


I feel lucky, privileged, and above all, confident on my progress in Norwegian language. Thank you Lingu.

Christina Kaloudi


I'm very satisfied and thankful for Lingu for the online course else my learning would have stopped due to the restrictions. The teachers are nice and give the opportunity to everybody to learn equally. The courses are well defined and planned for students to learn.

Nidhi Jain


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