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Historien om Lingu startet i den ideelle organisasjonen KIA som jobber med integrering og norskopplæring. Gründer Odd Bjerga arbeidet i denne organisasjonen og kom i kontakt med dyktige og ressurssterke mennesker fra mange ulike land.

Idéen om Lingu oppsto i denne konteksten av migrasjon og kommunikasjon, og menneskelige talenter.


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Since the early days as a startup, Lingu has bootstrapped into becoming the leading language training provider in Norway. Lingu is today both an edtech company and a language school. Our team of one hundred people are working hard to create unique learning experiences.


The company's management consists of an innovative and curious crew with a long experience in adult education and with a heart for language, technology and education. As a caring business, we want to offer engaging, digital solutions for our users, as well as facilitate personal development for the people we work with.

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By linking talent, technology and pedagogy, we can create products and services that enable communication and interaction across language barriers. Our products and services will expand people's horizons and create both new career opportunities and sustainability in a diverse world.

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