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Lingu culture

What values characterize the Lingu organization? What do we stand for? What does it take to succeed as an employee?

The culture in Lingu must be brave, forward-thinking and genuine. But it should not just be a culture. It should also be a movement that inspires, a fleet that people notice, and that many (but not all) want to be part of.

Our destination

Our mission and purpose is to merge technology and pedagogy, and create language heroes with the courage to challenge the unknown, the ability to seize opportunities, the desire to explore and learn new skills and which expand people's horizons.

The real language heroes

Lingu has a fundamentally positive view of the people we work with. Everyone can! We view our language students as resourceful and competent. They surprise, master and excite. They are the real language heroes! We find joy and motivation in helping people expand their horizons by mastering a new language.

Core values

Lingu has four lighthouses (values) that help us navigate towards the destination. These serve as guidelines that support our vision and strategy by giving us a global reference point in day-to-day operations.

The lighthouses are an articulation of expectations for managers and employees. They therefore function as management tools that limit the need for control and administrative management. The lighthouses constitute the core values of our culture.




We look up to people who dare to learn new skills. We believe that everyone has useful resources and expertise, and that everyone can contribute. We use our superpowers to explore and challenge. We are constantly learning new skills and constantly discovering new connections. We use this insight to formulate hypotheses and proposals for change and synergy.


We value the freedom to decide over your own working day, and the responsibility that comes with it. We take a break when we need to and we eat when we are hungry. We work when and where we get the most done. We work most and best when we are healthy and rested, and less when we are sick and tired, but we always get the job done.


We work independently and make decisions for the benefit of the community and Lingu's best, and are concerned with playing each other well. We do not sew pillows under people's arms. We do not do bear services.

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