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Norwegian course at the workplace

Tailor-made, flexible course geared towards the requirements of the world of work. With one-to one or small-group teaching we can guarantee high levels of participant interaction and a healthy learning curve.


A trusted partner

Lingu is the market leader in tailor-made Norwegian courses for businesses and the public sector.

We offer a broad range of tailor-made, flexible courses geared towards the requirements of the world of work.

With small-group teaching carried out by our dedicated teachers we can guarantee high levels of participant interaction and a healthy learning curve.

Blended learning experience

Lingu's language courses deploys our proprietary language apps and materials along with instructor-led training.

Main learning objectives:

improve your communication skills in specific work-related scenarios.

increase your level of confidence and professionalism in oral and written communication.

enhance your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence construction and punctuation.

know when to use formal/informal style and tone.

learn how to clearly explain specialist terminology used in the workplace.

Method and approach

Pre-course consultation with participants by the teacher. Teacher gathers information regarding: relevant topics and scenarios, employees’ work responsibilities, current use of Norwegian at work, language levels.

Tailored classroom sessions using the various standalone BCS modules that can be done in any order.

Additional material directly related to the participants’ work.

Classes adapted to suit the learners’ needs and requirements.

Using the newly acquired skills through engaging activities.

Highly skilled and educated instructors who ensure job-relevant and effective teaching.

The classes

Classes can be held at our school on your premises or online, fully dependable on the client's preference.

Flexible schedules available. Let us know what suits you best, and we will make sure to deliver.


Full day immersion


Language coaching


Virtual classroom

Online materials

When setting up a Norwegian language course for your organization, participants will receive access to our online materials suitable for the training scope.




I think it's been a really great course for all of us at our company. We really appreciate the attention to detail that the teacher has put into the course.

My teacher really wanted to cater to our needs and regularly asked for feedback and what we would like to work on more. The class atmosphere was fun but constructive.

Lots of time to ask questions and focus on practical use of Norwegian.

The course was tailored for me and my learning needs focusing on speech and vocabulary development. Me and my instructor had amazing discussions that encouraged me to talk more Norwegian at work in general!

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