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Private lessons in Norwegian

With private lessons, your individual goals are our goals, and we will work together to reach them! You will get your own, dedicated instructor who will create a course designed to your exact personal needs, challenges and interests, making it possible to achieve exactly what you want.

Start taking private lessons if:

you want to earn more in a shorter time

you would like to get a completely personalised course

you want to learn in a fast and interesting way

you want your course to have your course to follow your exact tempo of learning

you would like to stay easily motivated and inspired to go on

you would like to stay easily motivated and inspired to go on

you want to learn by aiming for your weakest areas and make them your strengths

you need to reach your goals much faster

Private lessons, or 'one-to-one' teaching as it is often called, are a course addressed to your specific needs and challenges, which doesn’t follow a pre-defined learning plan.

Your teacher will create a tailor-made course plan just for you, enabling you to reach your goals in a much easier and faster way, than taking part in group courses or studying completely on your own.

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You will create your own learning schedule with your teacher, and the lessons can be scheduled exactly when it suits you.

If you sign up with a friend , who has the same goal and level as yourself, you can share the classes, and learn together for the price of one!

New to private lessons?

If you are new to private lessons, you should register for an assessment lesson first.

That is a short ‘meetup’ with your teacher so you can talk and create a tailored plan for your course. Your teacher will use some of the time to assess you, your background and areas of interest to you and you will talk about your goals for the coming course. Then the teacher will recommend a plan for how to best achieve your goals and you’ll register for the course package best suited to your needs.

How to register and what's next?

New student

Select an Assessment lesson first. During this class, you will learn more about your own objectives and needs, and the teacher will suggest a path forward to reach these goals, and which package to choose

Please select "Any instructor in ..." and the appropriate location.Fill in your details on the next page and we will find the best teacher for you. The teacher will then be notified and will contact you to schedule an assessment lesson within 2 working days.

Existing student

If you are an existing student just wanting to add more hours to your course, please select your preferred package and select "Any instructor in...' from the list, and send a quick note to our Customer Service to assign you to the same teacher as before. They will also notify the instructor about the new course booking.

Course instructors

Tharald Bull Strømnes


Tharald is a former archaeologist who has excavated and lived in multiple pats of Norway and the world. He developed an interest in language teaching after marrying a Turkish woman and teaching her Norwegian. He has since studied pedagogy and Nordic language and literature. Tharald has always been passionate about history and literature, language, and communication. Both from previously having to assimilate himself into other cultures and having to help loved ones do the same in Norway, he understands and appreciates the values of getting a good education in language and culture.

Benedicte Vindseth


Benedicte is a teacher who loves making language learning interesting, fun, and easy-breezy! She has a master’s degree in English and loves studying language, and is especially interested in Norwegian dialects. Her favorite part about being a teacher is getting to know her students really well, and learning about their different hobbies and interest. Her students describe her as a warm and welcoming teacher who explains grammar in an easy and understandable way! In her free time, Benedicte loves spending time with her family, friends and of course playing with her baby! When she needs to chillax, she plays the piano, listens to music, plays video games, and reads about philosophy.

Hadi Plesner


Hadi is a teacher of Norwegian and German. She has thought corporate clients in both public and private sectors. Hadi has long experience in teaching international companies. Hadi loves teaching and is passionate about fostering students' sense of mastery, autonomy, and purpose.




Really appreciate Lingu, it gives me freedom to chose the best time to suit my working and life balance. Really happy with the way I am making progress.

Mohd Abualtaher


Good Norwegian course! Well-structured presentation of the course. Easy and practical teaching platform to use. Helping to learn a new language.

Franciane Póvoa


Thank you for a very good course. I enjoyed it very much and will most likely return soon. I like the flexibility of the course and the style of the teachers.

Muhammed Musa Dabo


Thank you for a very good course. I enjoyed it very much and will most likely return soon. I like the flexibility of the course and the style of the teachers.

Muhammed Musa Dabo


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