Norwegian🇳🇴 for health personnel B1 | Lingu

Start dates: November 1st and November 3rd

Norwegian🇳🇴 for health personnel B1

This course is for those who work or want to work in the health care system in Norway, whether it is a nurse, a health professional, a pharmacist, a doctor, a dentist or another health-related professional.

Apply by October 25th, 2021

122 hours of training

lasts 16 weeks, of which 84 hours will take place with the teacher.

Flexible schedule

2-3 days per week, you can switch between daytime and evening tuition

Support language

platform supports translations into your own language

32 target topics

with aim to pass the language test «Norwegian for health personnel'' B1 / B2

Documented language competency

Norwegian Healthcare provides scholarships to helping working immigrants to succeed in Norwegian working life.

The course is for those who want to qualify for work in the health sector and need to pass the language requirement of the employer or pass the language requirement in connection with authorization from the Norwegian Directorate of Health.


Duration 16 weeks


Registration deadline 11 June


NOK 12 500


- NOK 10 000



NOK 2 500

38 /40 seats left

Course will help you to:

Increase adaptation

Contributes to helping immigrants to succeed in Norwegian working life within the health sector.

Who is the course suitable for?

The participants should already know some Norwegian. This is not a beginner's course

The participants must have basic digital skills to be able to log on to online teaching and the learning portal, and be able to follow an online course.

Must be able to show willingness and ability to complete 80 hours of teacher-led training

Registration deadline 11 June

How it works

Online course 2-3 days per week with day and night groups that combines several training methods:

Teacher-led teaching via Zoom, Whereby and Slack

Teacher's guidance of participants in study groups

Gamified self-study learning ( with realtime submission of assignments from teachers

Written and oral feedback from the teacher on the participant's assignments

Online final test «Norwegian test for health personnel»

122 hours of training

spread over 16 weeks, of which 84 hours will take place with a teacher.

2 days per week, with the same offer during the day and in the evening.

Registration deadline October 25th

Course program

Take part in online lectures and practical assignments based on real cases.

You will learn by meeting the nurse Selena and the pharmacist Mario, who are both newly employed at the hospital in Oslo. Through films, reading texts,and podcasts,taken from authentic workplaces, they gain insight into several professions and functionsboth inside and outside the hospital.

The course holds many elements of the regular Norwegian B1-course, and additionally focuses on areas that are important when working as a health professional in Norway. For example a vocabulary related to the human body, diseases, the Norwegian healthcare system, as well as the correct form of communication with patients, colleagues and managers.

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NOK 2 500

NOK 12 500

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