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Fast-track Norwegian

The fast-track program is our most complete program. You will join a small group with a dedicated instructor and classes twice per week. In addition, you have full access to everything in the Simply Online and Single Player plans, including self-study materials, drop-in live classes and assignments.

Fast-track Norwegian is suitable for those searching for fast, fun and flexible Norwegian language course.

NOK 2490

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What's included in Fast-track program?

Flexible schedule

Regular, small, group live classes, twice per week

A dedicated teacher who guides you through the program

Self-study materials available 24/7

Free access to all Lingu events

Free access to Simply Online Program included

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The classes

The Fast-Track lessons are scheduled twice per week, on regular days at regular times. They will be held with a small group of students and your dedicated teacher who will be guiding you throughout the program step-by-step. Your Simply-Online lessons, are also available in this program and will be accessible for you on a drop-in basis, flexibly, and almost every day. They are a great way to fill up the areas of your interest as well as getting even more live language practice.

Join classes online via Zoom or Adobe Connect

You can participate in classes both on your computer or mobile device.

Accredited language course provider

Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge. You will get a course certificate, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway.




Really appreciate Lingu, it gives me freedom to chose the best time to suit my working and life balance. Really happy with the way I am making progress.

Mohd Abualtaher


Good Norwegian course! Well-structured presentation of the course. Easy and practical teaching platform to use. Helping to learn a new language.

Franciane Póvoa


Lingu is fantastic! Odd and his team run a very professional and reputable company. The system is extremely easy to use and there is always online support. The course is enjoyable and the teachers are great; Kari's encouragement, Milan's humor and Pia's enthusiasm create a fun classroom environment. It is nice to chat with other students from all over the world too. Nobody laughs if you make a mistake! Each student works at their own pace and it really is the best way to learn. Sign up and you won't regret it.

Emma Downes


Thank you for a very good course. I enjoyed it very much and will most likely return soon. I like the flexibility of the course and the style of the teachers.

Muhammed Musa Dabo


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